New Steps Dance School Policies

Code of Conduct:
  • Punctuality  

Students are expected to be on time for class. If lateness occurs then it is the responsibility of the student as well as the teacher to make sure they are warm enough to join in.

  • Discipline

Students are expected to behave in  a civilised and respectful manner to teachers and other students. New Steps Dance School will not tolerate poor behaviour or abuse of any sort.

  • Uniform

Students must dress appropriately for the class they take part in. Please see uniform page for more info. 

  • Studio rules 

Only soft drinks, preferably water are allowed in the dance spaces. Food or gum is not allowed during class. Students should also be mindful of the dance floors as they are wooden and can get scratched.  

  • Students drop off/collection

Students under the age of 14 must be supervised by their parent/guardian on each premises. Parents/guardians are welcome 

to stay on site during class or can leave and come 

back to collect students. Parents should be aware that New Steps Dance School is not responsible for students outside of dance class times.

  • Personal Property 

Students should keep all personal items with them at all times. New Steps Dance School will not be responsible for any items lost or damaged out of dance class.

  • Photographs and Social Media 

New Steps Dance School is aware of the responsibility towards Data Protection and Consent. No photos of children will be taken without verbal or written prior agreement. Any photos taken will be used as a record of achievement, or for advertising purposes on the website or Facebook page. No children's names will be on any media of this kind. New Steps Dance School would ask parents and family members to be mindful of others when videoing or taking pictures of class/demonstration and be respectful of that if posting on social media.

Health and Safety Policy

Data Policy

Risk Assessment

COVID-19 Specific adjustments:

  • Parents will be asked to drop their children off, and if possible to wait outside the dance hall during class. If this is not possible, then I would ask that social distancing is followed in each venue. 

  • In most halls there will be a one way system in place, and children will be asked to wash hands and/or sanitise before and after class. 

  • There will be reduced physical contact in younger children's classes. I feel it is not possible, or in some ways fair on the children's dance education to cut this completely so I will do everything I can to follow advice correctly, but do it with flexibility. 

  • Any shared facilities such as chairs, barres, door handles and other things that may come into contact from various people will be cleaned and wiped down after each class.

  • Timetables may be slightly adjusted to allow for a small break between classes for cleaning. There may be a small increase in class fees due to hall hire needing to increase. 

  • If any students develops symptoms of Covid-19 then they will be asked to self isolate at home for the neccessary amount of time.