What to wear to class?

Toddler Ballet through to Graded Ballet.

Newcomers should come to class wearing comfortable clothes to dance in; soft shoes if possible, a skirt/shorts and tights or socks and a comfortable top. 

Uniform can be purchased from Miss Hannah.

Tap Classes

Students should come to class in dance uniform or comfortable clothing that isn't too baggy or tight. Tap shoes can be purchased from Miss Hannah.


Comfortable dance clothes- leggings or trousers with a t-shirt or vest top. Bare feet will be preferable in contemporary but socks will be fine.

Adult Ballet

Please come in comfortable clothes- tights and a leotard if you have one or tracksuit trousers with ballet shoes if possible - or socks.

Adult Tap

Comfortable clothing and shoes with a heel- a larger Cuban heel if possible. If you have tap shoes bring them along!

Miss Hannah also has a collection of pre-owned ballet and tap shoes which can be borrowed or purchased for discounted prices. Please ask for the selection.

Tap Shoes

Starlite shoes

Child sizes 8- 12  £15

Child sizes 13 - Adult 4  £17

Adult Sizes  £18 +

Bloch/Capezio Adult Shoes £35+


Second Hand Shoes - poa

Need a warm outer layer? or something to carry you dance clothes in? 

Leggings, Hoodies, Jackets, and Bags all with the school logo can now be ordered online and delivered straight to your door!

Prices start from just £13. 

Click on the button below to open the ordering site!

New Steps Dance Uniform available to purchase from Miss Hannah 

Ballet Shoes:

Size 8 child – size 12 child = £7

size 1 – size 5= £8

size 5 – size 8= £9.50


Pre-Primary Ballet:

Joey Style Pale Pink Leotard

Size 000 (3-4yrs) - £9

Size 00 (4-5yrs) - as above

Size 0 (6-7yrs) - as above

Pale Pink Ballet Skirt:

X Small Child, Small Child- £9

Primary Ballet, Standard 1, Grade 1, Grade 2:

Joey style Royal Blue Leotard-

Size 0 (6-7yrs) - £9

Size 1 (8-9yrs) - as above

Size 2 (10-11yrs) - £10

Royal Blue Ballet Skirt 

Small, Medium - £9

Standard 3 - Grade 5: 

Angela style Navy leotard:

Size 2 (10-11yrs) - £10

Size 3a (12-13yrs) - as above

Size 3 (small adult)- as above

Size 4  (adult size 8-10) - £12

Size 5 (adult size 12-14) - as above

Navy Ballet Skirt

Starlite (Skater style) - £12

Adult Small, Medium


Capezio (Chiffon style) -  

Adult Small, Medium/large 

** Please note; Skirts are not worn in ballet exams past Standard 1.

Ballet Tights 

Basic Footed (Toddlers - Grade 1) - £4

Sizes Child 4-6, 8-10

Convertible - £6

12-14, Adult Small/Med

Ballet Socks

Sizes Child 6-8.5, 9-12    - £4

sizes Adult 12.5 - 3, 3.5 - 5  - as above

Ballet Cardigans

24", 26", 28", 30" 

Pink or Blue   - £8


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