Graded/Standard Ballet Classes

These classes are for students who want to begin their ballet training within the structured levels of the Cecchetti method. 

Grades and Standard are a wonderful way of showing progression in pupils, and it is my aim to encourage all students to move onwards and upwards whether through examinations or just for fun and development of skills.

Adult Ballet


This class is aimed at adults, senior students aged 16+ and to all who love being active, having fun and learning something new. Ballet is a great way to build strength, stamina and improve posture and muscle tone.

Cecchetti principles will be used in class to set the structure, and as well as learning technique, this class will be a chance to learn snippets of classical work, and get creative with material learnt during the class. Come and join us! All are welcome. 



Contemporary dance is a dance form that is often seen throughout dance in education and in dance companies. However not much training is given to it before you get to this stage so it can often be a struggle for young dancers to understand. New Steps is offering Contemporary to students who want to have a go at more 'free dance.' Contemporary is great for building up core strength, grace and fluidity in movement and encourages improvisation and imagination. 

Tap (ISTD)


Tap is one of the most fun and energetic dance styles to teach and to learn. It is great for fitness and also memory and testing your co-ordination! I really enjoyed learning it as a young student, and I hope to encourage more students to have a go! 

Adult Tap

This class is designed for adults, senior students aged 16+ and all those who like to try new things and have fun whilst exercising. With two levelled classes, all should feel welcome! Tap is great fun and in my small friendly classes we work on tap steps and techniques, plus a routine which we add to each week. Come and join us!